Can AI become conscious?


Bernardo Kastrup says that a simulated kidney cannot pee on my desk but one of his debating counterparts pointed out that a simulated kidney in plastic will pee on the desk. The difference between AI and other simulations is that you are copying the system on a different substrate instead of only simulate because language goes in and language comes out. It is definitely more than a simulation. It is a working model. Like a model airplane can also fly.
The bottom line is that if you believe consciousness is emergent (just a pattern of thought, and that thought somehow is self conscious) then yes AI can become conscious. However if you believe consciousness is fundamental then the AI is dead just like other non biological systems.
So this is a good example where ontology does predict or at least creates a range of what is possible.
My take: AI works as the subconscious. You will be able to copy the subconscious to the computer. But it will never become conscious.
AI shows very clearly that everything is a language. It is thought. And that thought nay even the world itself is a prediction machine.
What are the implications of advanced AI?