It is so simple

How can we forget that all suffering is self created? It is just the energetic reaction to our thoughts. It is the story that we create in our minds. The remedy is so simple: do not think about yourself, do not think about how other people see you, do not judge, do not criticize, do not form any opinion whatsoever. Just do your thing and do not allow any such negative thoughts in your mind. Inquire instead where these thoughts come from or otherwise just concentrate on the "I" feeling and the worries will disappear like snow in the sun. Is it then still necessary to indulge in drugs or alcohol when the answer is so simple?

Unfortunately, entrenched beliefs have thrown up walls that prevent us from listening to and appreciating this simple truth. When it is clear it is unimaginable that others don't see it as well. Still if energy is low we can still forget it temporarily.

This simple truth will only dawn when we take a different stance. Instead of being totally absorbed by 'the outside world' which are in fact sense impressions and the stories that come up in our mind we create some distance from thought. Until then the message that 'it is all but a story in your mind' is unacceptable and we need complicated and detailed theories, psychologies, therapies, methodologies to cure our 'mental illness'. The message will be actively resisted as 'too simple'. This little distance from thought requires:

  1. The conviction that we are consciousness and that consciousness is witnessing thought instead of the thought be self-aware or something.
  2. Energy to be wakeful and alert so we can be mindful instead of swept away by thought.
  3. Courage to confront the pager tigers.