Jeroen Vet ('63)

Jeroen Vet giving a demonstration
Jeroen Vet giving a demonstration in Shanghai in 2022

I decided on my 50th birthday on a drastic change of course. I would no longer dabble around but would get serious about spiritual development. I embarked on Qi Gong lessons, Tai Chi lessons and studied in depth the philosophy/religion Advaita Vedanta through the lessons of Swami Sarvapriyananda from the New York Ramakrishna Center.
Now close to my 60th birthday I can say that I have spiritually awakened and am firmly established in stage 4 of the spiritual development ladder. At this stage we are only interested in practice to purify us from the remnant defilement. I have through my practice of the Southern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan discovered intending and can now firmly say that I am a dreamer.

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