The Narrative

Mundane people have trouble differentiating between reality and the narrative they or their Egos rather continuously recreate. After awakening relating to the mundane is more difficult in a way as you are not buying into the narrative. You drift away and in a certain sense become alienated, definitely from the perspective of the mundane. So it requires skill to take their narratives seriously so as not to push the mundane away. You cannot brush it away as just fantasies. To the other party they are real. Kept in place by their belief into which often a lot of emotional energy is invested. Of course we all have a narrative to some extent it is the basic world view. If it accords with reality, nature this is not a problem.
Shadow work is actually tantamount to decoupling from the narrative. Feelings come up and certain stories start. The trick now is to decouple from the story and focus on the feeling alone. It will then run its course and eventually peter out. So shadow work is mindfulness of feelings.